Saturday, March 14, 2009

Watch the Watchmen

I have to say, its been a while since I've seen such an awesome movie, especially one based off of a piece of pop-culture. I'm of course talking about the extremely well done Watchmen film that is probably now one of my all time favorites.

Set in a world where masked heroes had become part of everyday life, the characters and the universe the live in feels so real, and eerily mimic our own. Director, Zack Snyder, did an amazing job bring everything about the comic book to life, and it made me almost believe it could all have been possible. I wish more movies were like this, its rare to find a film that remains very true to its source and deliver quality over selling out (i.e. X-Men, Doom, Resident Evil, to name a few among many). We can only hope that future films turn out just as great (Halo, Avengers, JLA, etc).

So to end this bit of ranting, I implore you to watch the Watchmen. Its 3 hours of beautiful story telling, but don't take my word for it. You're going to have to experience yourself. Personally, I give it a 8.5/10, only wishing they had not dragged on a few scenes so much.

Later days!

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