Monday, May 25, 2009

May 26th

Its funny how time passes. Season change, people and the like come and go, and all that jazz. Yet there's something about a birthday, a day pretty much like any other that happens again every year, but there's just something about that particular day that makes it special to you and you alone. The day of someone's birth, no matter how things turn out, its that one day that allows everyone to look at you and smile, and come together to celebrate with you.

I can't speak for everyone in the world, only just myself really, but looking back at these 21 years, all of it, good and bad, I would not change anything. I really like who I am, and who I've become. I can really proudly stand on my own two feet and say I'm me, and there's nothing that I would alter or make different in any way. I may not be completely unique or original. My jokes may all be over used, and corny. I'm still quite young and inexperienced in almost everything. But I like how things have turned out nonetheless.

So really this is a thank you to everyone and everything that has contributed to who and what I am. My parents, friends, jobs, hardships, and experiences overall have all made me simple me. Somehow, for just today so far, I feel like I'll live forever, and I love it!

Later days!

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