Sunday, November 13, 2011

MIku Append WIP1

Sorry I haven't been around much...the retakes on the show I'm working on are easy, but long and tedious.....Working on two episodes at the same time is not easy....

Oh that's right, I forgot to mention that I work now lol. I work for a studio called Huminah Huminah Animation that recently opened a new studio in Hamilton, that commutes a killer considering I live in core of TO lol.

That said you're probably wondering what show I'm working on? Its a kids show called Bubble Guppies:
The first season just came to Canada on Treehouse, and we working on XX season lol. Sorry, don't know how much info I can give besides that, but once it airs on XX/XX/XXXX then I'll show more, and you'll be able to see which shots I worked on in my demo reel. Until then enjoy life and later days!!

Its for my girlfriend's birthday btw lol

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